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United by the Gospel: Beauty of the multiethnic church


The Bible gives us a compelling vision for diversity in the kingdom of God. Throughout all of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, we see God working to redeem a people for Himself, a people from every tribe and tongue and nation – colorful and diverse.

The church’s pursuit of diversity reflects the Bible’s description of God’s kingdom. And in the 21st Century, it will be the unity of diverse believers walking as one – in and through the local church – that will proclaim the fact of God’s love for all people and provide the most effective means for reaching the world with the gospel.

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Facts & Trends Stories

The Changing Face of the American Church by Bob Smietana

A 2013 LifeWay Research survey of 1,007 Protestant senior pastors found more than 8 in 10 (85 percent) believe every church should strive for racial diversity. But few pastors have diverse flocks. Most (86 percent) of their congregations are predominately one racial or ethnic group.

“Everybody wants diversity,” says Ed Stetzer, executive director of LifeWay Research. “But many don’t want to be around people who are different.”

United by Love: How diversity reflects the kingdom of God by Trillia Newbell

The Bible gives us a compelling vision for diversity in the kingdom of God. Diversity is already quite present in God’s kingdom, but we might miss it in Scripture if we aren’t looking for it. Here are four ways we can see a biblical basis for diversity and how it reflects the kingdom.

 The Quest to Transform a Church by Rick Lund

Seattle pastor Eugene Cho church testifies to the beauty of a grace-filled, multiethnic church

Ethnic Blends by Mark DeYmaz

Since launching in 2001, Mosaic Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, has grown into a congregation that includes believers from 30 nations who gather to worship in unity every week. Pastor Mark DeYmaz shares the seven core commitments his church made to pursue the joys of multiethnic ministry.

The DNA of Diversity by Patti Townley-Covert

Adam Edgerly preaches from the Bible. And that’s where he found the mandate for pastors to cultivate multiethnic churches. “In its DNA, the Church is a multiethnic community,” says Edgerly. “To do church without thinking about that betrays part of the story of Christianity. In its origin, this is who we are.”

Other Resources

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