Ministry Grid: Training for the Digital Age

Ministry Grid offers more than 1,800 videos of pastors, theologians and church leaders offering insights on a range of topics from pastoral ministry and leadership development to discipleship and Bible study.

Make Your Church’s Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile is not future for our culture; mobile is now. Churches can respond to this reality with simplified, optimized mobile websites to meet people where they are.

Digital Detox: Unplugging From the Online World

By taking time to unplug we open ourselves up to see what the Lord wants to show us when our faces aren’t stuck to a screen and we aren’t distracted by alerts, badges, dings and alarms.

On Our Radar: Pastors Today, Day One, Nextdoor

In the “On Our Radar” section of Facts & Trends, we feature practical resources for your and your church. Here are the three we highlighted from the digital side of things in the spring 2014 issue – Pastors Today, Day One, and Nextdoor.

25 Ways the Web Has Changed the Church

Today, the World Wide Web turns 25. It has undoubtedly changed the way we live, but it has also had an unprecedented change on church.

7 Apps for Your Everyday Productivity

Many well known apps like Dropbox and Evernote as well as newer or lesser known apps can help boost your productivity. Here are seven that can help keep you up-to-date and better organized.

New online ministry tool launches Nov. 12

LifeWay Christian Resources’s newest online resource, Ministry Grid, is set to launch November 12. The platform aims to be “training made simple” and has leaders at LifeWay excited.

Millennials May Be Fact-Checking Your Sermons

New research shows that nearly four in 10 (38 percent) Christian Millennials say they have fact checked sermons.

10 ideas to help your church use technology missionally

Many technological advances can enable churches to minister in new ways and make established ministries more efficient.

Texting vs. Dialing: Why You Should Pick up the Phone and Talk

Young, old, male and female, rich and poor—everyone is texting on their cell phone. A report today from the Pew Internet finds that texting is one of the most popular actions on cell phone.