7 Keys to an Effective Church Social Media Strategy

Like any other ministry in the church, social media needs planning (a strategy), people (someone in charge), and a purpose (measurable goals) to be effective.

Encouraging Facebook Fathers and Social Media Mothers

According to new research from Pew, 75 percent of parents use social media and most turn to it for parenting information and support. How can the church help?

4 Reasons to Add Media to Your Church Website

Here are four ways adding media (photos, audio, and video) to your website will benefit both members and non-members.

6 Ways to Help Your Kids Survive Social Media

The teenage years have always been tumultuous and adding social media into the volatile mix certainly doesn’t make things easier, but both you and your children can not just survive this time, but thrive in it.

Up Periscope: 6 Simple Ways Churches Can Embrace the Latest in Video Streaming

Here are six simple ways churches can use Periscope to actively engage church members and prospects, as well as some tips for using it most effectively.

Social Media: Hashtag Do’s and Don’ts

For those new to social media or even for longtime Twitter users, here are some basic do’s and don’ts churches and pastors should be aware of when it comes to hashtags (#).

Who’s on Social Media? Here’s What Your Church Needs to Know

New research can give churches a clearer picture of exactly who is using what social media network and how they can target their message to better reach certain demographics.

High-tech Homiletics: A Conversation About Technology & Preaching

Should technology be used in sermon preparation and delivery? If so, how much and in what ways? Those aren’t easy questions to answer—and there’s no “right” answer that applies to every preacher and every context.

5 Reasons to Consider E-giving

For churches that don’t know where to start with adding an e-giving option, and for churches that want to encourage greater e-giving, here are a few things to consider.

Dangers of Liking Jesus on Facebook

There are major, often times hidden, dangers of expressing and engaging our faith in the context of social media.