What’s Next in Church Technology?

The technological revolution we’ve seen over the past 30 years is staggering. What’s even more remarkable is the speed at which tech in the church continues to improve.

New Ways to Share the Old, Old Story

From 1,000 languages on an app to the world’s longest single graphic novel, Christians are discovering new ways to share the gospel with unreached people.

Cellphones at Church: Benefits and Cautions

According to a Pew Research survey, 96 percent of American adults say it’s “generally not OK” to use a cellphone at church or during a worship service. But can there be legitimate uses during a church service?

Easter Sparks Online Searches

By Aaron Earls The women who went to the tomb on the first Easter Sunday couldn’t find Jesus there. People are still searching during this time of year, except now many are looking on Google instead of in the grave. Google searches for Jesus, though frequent throughout the year, regularly increase around Christmas and Easter. […]

How to Be Mobile Ready for Easter

At least 41% of Americans plan to attend church on Easter. Is your congregation’s website ready for the guests who will be visiting online?

How Technology Can Help Accomplish the Great Commission

Whatever is on the horizon, whatever new technology is around the corner, we need to be ready to use it for the advancement of the kingdom of God. Are you ready?

6 Simple Steps for Dealing With Digital Distractions

“Distraction is the enemy of deep thinking, and it is an enemy we must seek out and destroy,” says Tim Challies. Here are six steps to doing just that.

Using Technology Wisely

How is the Christian to think wisely about all of these promising new apps, these glittering new gizmos and gadgets? How can a Christian live with virtue in a world like ours?

‘Hackathon’ Tackles Intersection of Faith & Tech

An expected 1,500 technologists, innovators, and entrepreneurs will come together for a global “hackathon” to discuss and address the intersection of Christianity and technology.

Teens Find Friends & Drama Online

According to new research from Pew, teenagers see the Internet as a place to make new friends, keep up with old ones, and start drama with former ones. How can your church help them navigate this space.