Most Pastors See Halloween as an Outreach Opportunity

Two-thirds of Protestant pastors say they encourage church members to ask their neighbors to a church-related event like a fall fair or trunk-or-treat.

Evangelicals Divided Over 2016 Election

Americans with evangelical beliefs share a great deal in common. But when it comes to voting, race and political affiliation still divide them, according to a new survey from LifeWay Research.

American Evangelicals Struggle With Basic Christian Doctrine

When it comes to Christian doctrine and the Bible, many evangelicals seem to have only read the CliffsNotes version. But going to church helps attendees know more of the story.

Pastors Prefer ‘Undecided’ to Trump or Clinton in 2016 Election

“When it comes to politics, pastors are just as divided as other Americans,” said Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research.

What Do Americans Believe About God? New Study Explores Our Theology

Americans don’t know much about theology. Most say God wrote the Bible. But they’re not sure everything in it is true.

Time, Not Theology, Drives Most Away From Church

New research finds 22% of Americans attend religious services less than they previously did. What can churches do about it?

Pulpit No Place for Political Endorsements, Say Most Americans

Eight in 10 Americans say it is inappropriate for pastors to endorse a candidate in church. Three-quarters say churches should steer clear of endorsements.

9 Surprising Facts About Teens and the Bible

Do teenagers care about God’s word? Probably more than you think, according to new research from the American Bible Society.

What Matters Most to Americans Looking for a New Church?

When it comes to finding a new church, a warm welcome and the worship style matter almost as much as a good sermon.

Proceed With Care: Handling Pastoral Misconduct

Few know what to do when the pastor goes astray. No one wants to believe a beloved pastor could betray their congregation. One wrong step can haunt a church for years.