Churches Are Becoming More Conservative

Churches have made a “slight movement” to the right in the last five years, according to the American Congregations 2015 study.

God at the Super Bowl: What Do Americans Think About Faith and Football?

Only one-fourth of Americans say they believe God plays a role in determining the outcome of sporting events. Nearly 3 in 4 (73 percent) disagree in a new PRRI poll.

More Devout Means More Giving

Religious individuals are more likely to have volunteered and donated to the poor in the last week compared to the irreligious.

Study: Conservative Churches Most Likely to Grow

New research shows congregations and pastors who hold traditional, orthodox Christian beliefs are the ones most likely to experience numerical growth.

Most Churches to Continue Sunday Night Activities Despite Super Bowl

For churches that have Sunday night activities, most pastors say it’s still “game on” despite the big game next weekend.

Americans Doubt Preachers, Presidents or Anyone Else Can Address Nation’s Issues

Few Americans agree on who can best lead a conversation about the nation’s woes, according to a new report from LifeWay Research.

16 Things We Learned About Evangelicals in 2016

While the election and its aftermath dominated much of the attention on evangelicals in 2016, other research projects gave a fuller picture of the religious group today.

7 Facts About Christmas in America

What do Americans believe about Christmas and how we celebrate the annual holiday?

Pastors Say Churches Will Open on Christmas & New Year’s Day

More than half of Americans plan to go to church at Christmastime. And most Protestant pastors will keep the doors open for them.

10 Key Trends in Global Christianity for 2017

What will global Christianity look like next year? What about decades from now? New statistics give a glimpse at the future of Christianity.