Former Victim: Churches Need to Treat Domestic Abuse with Care

If you have more than three people in your church, domestic violence is a possibility, says radio host and past victim of domestic abuse Autumn Miles.

Churches Have Good Intentions, But Lack Plans for Domestic Violence

When it comes to domestic violence, according to new research, Protestant pastors want to be helpful but often don’t know where to start.

Americans Warm up to Religious Groups—Except Evangelicals

In a new survey from Pew Research, evangelicals were the one religious group that didn’t experience an increase in warmth among Americans in the last seven years.

Three-Quarters of Americans Give up Lent for Lent

During Lent, some give up chocolate or another favorite food. Others dump guilty pleasures. But most Americans give up Lent.

11 Statistical Tips for a Healthy Marriage

As millions celebrate Valentine’s Day, there are several statistical facts that can help a marriage start off healthy and stay that way for the long run.

Churches Are Becoming More Conservative

Churches have made a “slight movement” to the right in the last five years, according to the American Congregations 2015 study.

God at the Super Bowl: What Do Americans Think About Faith and Football?

Only one-fourth of Americans say they believe God plays a role in determining the outcome of sporting events. Nearly 3 in 4 (73 percent) disagree in a new PRRI poll.

More Devout Means More Giving

Religious individuals are more likely to have volunteered and donated to the poor in the last week compared to the irreligious.

Study: Conservative Churches Most Likely to Grow

New research shows congregations and pastors who hold traditional, orthodox Christian beliefs are the ones most likely to experience numerical growth.

Most Churches to Continue Sunday Night Activities Despite Super Bowl

For churches that have Sunday night activities, most pastors say it’s still “game on” despite the big game next weekend.