Thom Rainer: 6 Benefits of Healthy Groups

Research and observation reveal several areas of influence groups have on the lives of believers and the church. Here are six significant benefits of healthy groups.

Thom Rainer: Lead Your Church to be Evangelistic

Thom Rainer believes “the lack of evangelism within the local church is reaching a crisis stage.” He gives 10 ways that pastors can lead their churches to be more evangelistic.

Thom Rainer: 7 Tips for Introverted Leaders

Thom Rainer says that being an introvert doesn’t mean you don’t like people or that you’re quiet all the time. He shares seven tips for how those who are introverts can still lead effectively.

Motivating members to live on mission

So how can a pastor motivate members to live missionally? Lead by example and with enthusiasm. A pastor must live missionally before leading others to do the same.

Launch Strong this Fall

Many education ministers, small-group leaders and adult Sunday school coordinators use the lull of summer to find new Bible study material and prepare to launch their ministries in the fall. Vision, preparation and goal setting are essential for a successful fall kick off.

Leading the church to spiritual transformation

At LifeWay, we love the church, and we want to see every member become a growing disciple engaged in the mission of God. Unfortunately, it has become acceptable for churchgoers to sit in church week after week and do nothing but call themselves followers of Christ.

Seven Common Comments Non-Christians Make about Christians

One of my greatest joys in research is talking to and listening to those who clearly identify themselves as non-Christians. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not celebrating their absence of faith in Christ. My joy comes from listening to those who don’t believe as I do, so that I might be better equipped to witness to them.