3 Important Church Trends for the New Year

Watching trends and thinking about how one might respond is essential to effective leadership. Here are three important trends Thom Rainer sees growing in 2017.

6 Benefits of Bivocational Ministry

Bivocational ministry is a clear and definitive trend in church life. Although there are many challenges, bivocational ministry can be tremendously rewarding.

7 Indicators of True Church Discipleship

Most church leaders want to see the people who attend their churches grow into fully committed followers of Christ. Unfortunately, many churches do not have a clear process for discipleship with clear expectations for members.

7 Characteristics of Healthy Small Churches

Simply stated, effectiveness is not always related to size. No matter the size, it’s important to gauge the health of your church.

Training the Next Generation of Leaders

Every church should be constantly asking: Is God raising up the next generation of missionaries, pastors, children’s ministers, and theologians in our church? Are we equipping those who will later equip others?

7 Habits of Highly Effective Pastors

What sets apart highly effective pastors from the rest? Thom Rainer shares insights from observing leaders who are making significant impacts.

8 Characteristics of Breakout Church Leaders

While conducting research for Breakout Churches, a study of churches that moved from decline to significant and sustained growth, I discovered several traits that distinguish breakout church leaders from merely good leaders. Here’s a brief look at each.

Regaining Your Spiritual Momentum

Many things can contribute to a stalled spiritual life, but here are five barriers to spiritual growth common among church leaders.

Pastors Experience Depression, Too

Depression was once a topic reserved for “other people.” Christians, especially pastors, aren’t supposed to feel depressed. The truth is, pastors are as likely as other Americans to experience mental illness.

Is Your Church Reflecting Its Community?

If you compare the faces of a dying church with the faces of the people who live in the community where the church is located, you’ll often notice a significant difference.