What Is God’s Mission?

If we are going to understand God’s mission, the first thing we have to understand is that the Bible is primarily a fascinating and powerful story about God told in four acts.

What Bible Verses Were Americans Googling on Election Day?

While Americans went to the ballot box on Election Day, many also went to Google to search for Bible verses.

‘Hearts, Heads, & Hands’ Seeks to Train Global Church Leaders

85% of the world’s pastors have no theological education and no access to it, but M. David Sills wants to do something about that.

Americans Most Thankful for Family & Health This Thanksgiving

When Americans count their blessings at Thanksgiving, God will get most of the credit. And money might be the last thing on their minds.

Living with Mom and Dad Now the Norm for Millennials

Young adults in America are more likely to live with their parents than to live with a spouse, partner, or roommates.

Evangelicals Remain Complicated

Using a theological definition of evangelicals, American evangelicals are a much more diverse group than much of the post-election polling suggests.

What’s Next in Church Technology?

The technological revolution we’ve seen over the past 30 years is staggering. What’s even more remarkable is the speed at which tech in the church continues to improve.

World Series MVP Ben Zobrist Says Faith Gives Him Right Perspective

Read how World Series MVP Ben Zobrist came to Christ, made it to the major league, and still keeps his eyes on Jesus.

New Ways to Share the Old, Old Story

From 1,000 languages on an app to the world’s longest single graphic novel, Christians are discovering new ways to share the gospel with unreached people.

What Americans Say is Moral and What’s Not

Americans generally think the morals of this nation are getting worse, while also continually adapting what they think is moral or immoral.