4 Ways to Utilize the “Son of God” Film

With the release of “Son of God” this Friday, the biblical narrative will once again be part of the national discussion. Here are four ways to utilize the film to share with your friends and neighbors.

Creating a Culture of Generosity

It’s beneficial to remind givers their tithes and offerings are being used to minister both locally and globally, not just to pay the rent.

5 Keys to Make Your Small Group Party Super

How can you have the best possible small group gathering this Sunday as you watch the big game? These five tips should help you as your prepare for, host and follow-up on your Super Bowl party.

5 Things to Look for When Choosing Your Next Bible Study

Are you putting off choosing your next Bible study curriculum? Fear not. Here are five things you should keep in mind as you seek out study material for your group.

52 Ideas for Your Church This Year

From car-care clinics to neighborhood block parties, Diana Davis shares 52 ideas your church can use this year to make an impact in your community.

Three ways to get your small group talking

The phrase—place, space and grace—has been around in counseling and pastoral settings for many years, but it is also some of the most simple and practical preparation in leading people to open up and share life.

Get your students ready for camp

Summer camp can be an important event in the lives of students each year. Here are some tips to help you prepare your students for what we pray will be an impacting week of camp.

The Big Boom: What Pastors Need to Know about Boomers

This year the first Boomer turns 67 and the last Boomer hits 49. Since their birth, this group has changed the world and the church. Decades later, they are making churches rethink ministry to seniors.