Serving Single: How the Church Can Best Serve Singles & How Singles Can Best Serve in the Church

The Church, more than any entity, understands the ache of singleness, the longing for Christ’s return. As such, it should be a place for singles to serve and be served.

Connected to God’s Power: Helping People Live a Life of Prayer

In the first-century church, the leadership and the people were devoted to prayer, and God worked through them to change their world.

13 Fun Ideas for Your Church This Summer

The summer months offer churches increased flexibility and different opportunities to reach their community. Diana Davis offers 13 ideas your church can use to take advantage of the break from school and warmer weather.

Leave Room for Grey

How do we make decisions in areas where there’s no explicit biblical command? Trip Lee describes the simple rule he tries to follow in these so-called “grey” areas.

How Can I Help You? The Right Attitude for Church Greeters

Those serving as greeters at church should always remember that making a lasting first impression always begins with meeting the needs of people.

How to Embrace Families of Kids with Special Needs

It’s possible to reach, keep, and disciple families with special needs children, but it takes work and being intentional about serving and loving them.

8 Ways to Keep College Students in Your Church

According to a 2007 study by LifeWay Research, 70 percent of young adults stopped attending church for at least a year between ages 18 to 22. Here are some ways to keep them involved.

10 Ideas for Growing Generosity with Year-End Giving

How can you best capitalize on the opportunities presented at the end of the year and increase giving now and into the future?

8 Tips for a Great First Impression

By Sean Fowlds Having served in the local church the past two decades, one of the first things my wife and I did after our recent move was eagerly hunt for a new church home. To our surprise and disappointment, we’ve experienced a rather lukewarm reception at the churches we’ve visited. But our experience as […]

Connecting the Unconnected Through Small Groups

Mark Howell discusses how small groups can help keep people from disappearing from your church.