Echoes of the Reformation

Why the five solas are still crucial to who we are as Christians

God With Us in the Detours

Detours frequently provide the ground for development.

Church as Unifier: In Today’s Fragmented Culture, Could the Church Be an Oasis of Unity?

The church has a biblical command to pursue unity and a heavenly vision of its ultimate fulfillment. We can and should fill that role in culture, but it won’t be easy.

In Harmony: How Worship Works in Concert with Other Church Ministries to Make Disciples

Musical excellence and developing great choirs are worthy goals, but if they are our primary focus we run the risk of losing sight of the bigger mission of the church.

3 Important Church Trends for the New Year

Watching trends and thinking about how one might respond is essential to effective leadership. Here are three important trends Thom Rainer sees growing in 2017.

Americans Doubt Preachers, Presidents or Anyone Else Can Address Nation’s Issues

Few Americans agree on who can best lead a conversation about the nation’s woes, according to a new report from LifeWay Research.

Sound Theology: Teaching Your People Through Music

A Conversation with Keith Getty   Interview by Bob Smietana When Keith Getty was young, his parents would take him to missionary suppers at their church in Northern Ireland. After they brought out all the food and the endless cups of tea, the church members would start singing together. Those missionary suppers and Sunday worship […]

Finding Our Voice: Why the Decline of Congregational Singing Matters–and How to Fix It

“The gathering of the body of Christ is a body that ought to be singing.” — Mike Harland, director of LifeWay Worship.

10 Favorite Facts & Trends Stories of 2016

The Facts & Trends staff voted for our 10 favorite articles from 2016. Were any of these your favorite as well?

16 Things We Learned About Evangelicals in 2016

While the election and its aftermath dominated much of the attention on evangelicals in 2016, other research projects gave a fuller picture of the religious group today.