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Why Church Members Need the Gospel, Too

Evangelism isn’t just for the unchurched. Even folks inside the church need to hear the gospel, says Matt Chandler, pastor of the Village Church in Highland, Texas.

Navigating Change: Guiding a Church Through Transition

How leaders direct changes in the church impact its ability to better accomplish God’s mission.

Americans Want to See Movies With Christian Values

American moviegoers will most likely flock to blockbusters of biblical proportions, but the majority just want to see their values reflected on screen.

Seasons of a Leader’s Life

Learning, leading, and leaving your legacy. These are the phases of a leader’s life. Which season are you in right now?

Wedding Under the Bridge

Why did this couple choose to celebrate their special day under a bridge with dozens of homeless people? It was their favorite place to be.

4 Truths About Sharing Your Faith

Four ways to make sharing your faith a little easier.

Doubting God: Real Questions People Ask

Many of us want to have meaningful conversations about faith with people who hold a different view of God. But we often feel ill-equipped and worry about saying the wrong things.

Creating a Culture of Generosity

It’s beneficial to remind givers their tithes and offerings are being used to minister both locally and globally, not just to pay the rent.

Study: Americans Mix Faith With Their Football

Half of Americans see supernatural forces at work in sports – either praying for their team or believing they’re cursed.