On Our Radar: Books & Bible Studies for Spring 2014

Each issue of Facts & Trends, we profile some upcoming resources that we think will be helpful to you. Here are the books and Bible Studies from the Spring 2014 issue.

Ministering to Military Families: How To Come Alongside the Battle Weary

Being in a military family, Kate Shellnut says the shows of appreciation around patriotic holidays are great, but churches can do more to support members of the military and their loved ones.

5 Tips for Feeding Your Soul

If the truth were known, we would look inside the soul of many pastors and find exhaustion, depletion and spiritual malnourishment. With divinity school degrees, commentaries on the shelves and Bibles across their desks, they live in the midst of a spiritual feast, and yet they often refrain from partaking for their own benefit.

15 Keys to a Make-it-Happen Team Culture

Everyone wants to be part of a team that accomplishes goals and gets things done. But a make-it-happen team culture is only possible if leaders are committed to doing their part in creating that type of team culture.

Digital Detox: Unplugging From the Online World

By taking time to unplug we open ourselves up to see what the Lord wants to show us when our faces aren’t stuck to a screen and we aren’t distracted by alerts, badges, dings and alarms.

On Our Radar: Pastors Today, Day One, Nextdoor

In the “On Our Radar” section of Facts & Trends, we feature practical resources for your and your church. Here are the three we highlighted from the digital side of things in the spring 2014 issue – Pastors Today, Day One, and Nextdoor.

Rethinking Preaching: Whatever it Takes to Make the Gospel Clear

As the culture changes, there’s a greater need for Christians who “understand the times” and do all they can to reach those who are far from God with the gospel.

8 Ways to Develop a Winning Ministry Team

A strong, effective team needs nurturing, encouragement and personal spiritual direction. A ministry team that serves sees Jesus work through them and experiences Him working within them.

Connecting the Unconnected Through Small Groups

Mark Howell discusses how small groups can help keep people from disappearing from your church.

Rooted in the Gospel

Derwin Gray, pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in America, explains why evangelism in the 21st century should look a lot like evangelism in the 1st century – it should always be rooted in the gospel.