5 Things to Look for When Choosing Your Next Bible Study

Are you putting off choosing your next Bible study curriculum? Fear not. Here are five things you should keep in mind as you seek out study material for your group.

Blackaby Sons Bring Experiencing God Home

More than 20 years ago, Experiencing God was introduced to the world. Now it’s coming home. Experiencing God at Home is the next resource in the extensive family of Experiencing God resources published by B&H Publishing Group and LifeWay Christian Resources.

What Does It Mean to Be a Church Member?

God did not give us local churches to become country clubs where membership means we have privileges and perks. He placed us in churches to serve, to care for others, to pray for leaders, to learn, to teach, to give, and, in some cases, to die for the sake of the gospel.

Are You an Octopodan Leader?

Pastors have long grown accustomed to octopodan behavior. In fact, we have developed a kind of vocabulary in the church today about these kinds of characteristics. We call it being “pastoral.” God’s Word points out to us that pastors, and other church leaders, have a responsibility to equip the body to serve, or to minister. In other words, it is the entire body’s job to be “pastoral.”

Mobile Technology and the Gospel

Traditionally, churches have tended to view mobile technology simply as part of the evolution of mass communication. Each change in technology has allowed an ever-growing audience of individuals to learn about Jesus and make decisions to follow Him.

Vision to Reality

Every leader desires to see vision become reality, but the real challenge of translating vision to reality is clarity. With a commitment to clarity first, any leader can maximize the twin-engines of vision and action.

New Podcast: Rainer on Leadership

Rainer on Leadership will provide advice for leaders in ministry and the marketplace through 25- to 30-minute podcasts.

Bible Engagement Impacts Spiritual Maturity

As believers grow in their faith, they should have a deeper longing to encounter biblical truth.

Launch Strong this Fall

Many education ministers, small-group leaders and adult Sunday school coordinators use the lull of summer to find new Bible study material and prepare to launch their ministries in the fall. Vision, preparation and goal setting are essential for a successful fall kick off.

Q&A with Tom Blackaby

Experiencing God at Home takes a fresh path back into the rich roots of Henry Blackaby’s world-renowned Experiencing God writings to connect what happens in our homes to what happens in our churches.