10 Facts About Nones in the U.S.

Meet John Q. Nones, a young, white male who is making a big impression on the American religious landscape for something he doesn’t do: align with any religious group.

More Mobile Tech Equals Longer Work Hours

Thirty-seven percent of employed American adults between the ages of 18 and 29 said that mobile technology greatly increases the amount of work they do outside of work hours.

Shifting Religious Identity of Latinos

Hispanics leaving Catholicism have tended to move into evangelical Christianity or become religiously unaffiliated.

None of the Above: Who Are the Nones & How Do We Reach Them?

In 2012 the number of nones, those who indicate no religious preference, climbed to nearly 20 percent. We talked to James Emery White about his latest book The Rise of the Nones.

5 Ways to Help Stressed Out Women in Your Church

Eight in 10 moms feel overwhelmed by stress (compared to 72 percent of all women), and 7 out of 10 say they do not get enough rest (compared to 58 percent of all women).

Fastest Growing & Shrinking Cities in America

Based on estimates of the 2013 population, the U.S. Census Bureau identified the 12 cities that grew by at least 4 percent from 2012-2013. They also identified the 10 cities that declined by at least 1 percent.

A Q&A with Barnabas Piper on Being “The Pastor’s Kid”

Being the children of a pastor creates a set of (false) expectations for PKs that can add up to create a sense of pressure that can be overwhelming. Barnabas Piper addresses this in his new book.

Selling Out, Finally Fulfilled

God confirmed to both Courtney and Joey that He was calling them to South Africa. They sold everything and moved the family to a town 30 minutes outside Cape Town, where Joey is using his God-given gifts to equip people with job skills and lead them out of poverty through agricultural business.

Beat God to the Punch

If the gospel of Jesus Christ were only bad news—that “all have sinned,” the people in 19121 would all be master theologians. Yet Eric Mason, who started Philadelphia’s Epiphany Church in 2006, says it’s grace that stumps them.

Divorce: Setting the Record Straight

Author and social researcher Shaunti Feldhahn wants to get a few things straight about marriage and divorce in the United States. For decades, Americans have heard the divorce rate in the U.S. is around 50 percent. But Feldhahn says that while some subgroups have higher divorce rates the overall average has never hit 50 percent.