“A Christ-Centered Wedding” Counters Culture’s Pressures

A Christ-Centered Wedding: Rejoicing in the Gospel on Your Big Day, written by Catherine Strode Parks and her mother Linda Strode, reminds couples what God originally intended for the sacred marriage ceremony.

When Christians Collide

We are often surprised when conflict develops among believers, but because a church is made up of people, conflict is inevitable at times.

Where do we turn when under pressure?

A quarter of Americans have searched the Bible within the last month to help deal with pressure.

Couples That Clicked

More than one in three (35 percent) recently married couples met online, according to a recent study.

Understanding the Gospel and Culture

Engagement in God’s mission requires an acute understanding of two components: the gospel and culture.

Motivating members to live on mission

So how can a pastor motivate members to live missionally? Lead by example and with enthusiasm. A pastor must live missionally before leading others to do the same.

Bringing in the Screams?

A recent spat of mainstream horror films by Christians have begun to garner attention.

Q&A with Priscilla Shirer, author of God Is Able

God Is Able is to remind people about the straight up, flat out, powerful ability of God to do anything we need Him to do.

Starting well

One way a new pastor can get off to a good start is to conduct a series of listening sessions with the church membership including key leaders and influencers.

Three ways to get your small group talking

The phrase—place, space and grace—has been around in counseling and pastoral settings for many years, but it is also some of the most simple and practical preparation in leading people to open up and share life.