Maria Goff: A Neighbor’s Love

We don’t pick our neighbors, we just get them. I think God made it that way on purpose so we wouldn’t get to choose.

The Church Is a Family

Our problem is semantics. When we say church, we don’t think family.

Everyone is an Unbeliever

After more than 25 years as a pastor, Jeff Vanderstelt says he now sees that every one of us is an unbeliever, including me—at least in some areas of our lives.

Shelters for Trafficking Victims Aid Their Healing

While Erin Futch went to college, the girl standing beside her fell victim to sex trafficking.

How Steven Curtis Chapman Fought Through the Tears to Play ‘Cinderella’ Again

Before his first concert after his daughter’s death, Steven Curtis Chapman had said he would never play “Cinderella” again, but something changed.

Former Victim: Churches Need to Treat Domestic Abuse with Care

If you have more than three people in your church, domestic violence is a possibility, says radio host and past victim of domestic abuse Autumn Miles.

Churches Have Good Intentions, But Lack Plans for Domestic Violence

When it comes to domestic violence, according to new research, Protestant pastors want to be helpful but often don’t know where to start.

Americans Warm up to Religious Groups—Except Evangelicals

In a new survey from Pew Research, evangelicals were the one religious group that didn’t experience an increase in warmth among Americans in the last seven years.

Ministry Battles Sex Trafficking at Hotels and Motels

Amy Lipovsky felt like a song playing on loop—walking into the same hotels, saying the same things week after week and showing the same pictures of missing girls.

Three-Quarters of Americans Give up Lent for Lent

During Lent, some give up chocolate or another favorite food. Others dump guilty pleasures. But most Americans give up Lent.