4 Conferences On Our Radar This Summer

On Our Radar

Here are four conferences we have on our radar as events that can help you and your ministry.


June 20-24, 2016, Orlando, Florida

Speakers/Artists: Matthew West, Shelly E. Johnson, Dennis and Nan Allen, Mike Harland, Josh Robinson

SonPower is a powerful, action-packed week of enlightening music rehearsals, enriching Bible study, exhilarating worship, and engaging mission projects for youth choirs and youth choir leaders.

Each student (and student choir leader) will spend every minute of the event’s five days growing musically, emotionally, and spiritually.

And to make the experience even more memorable for your students, the week culminates with a live recording session of songs from the latest SonPower collection. SonPower will give you everything you need to take your student choir to the next level of worship and ministry.


June 27-30, 2016, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Speakers/Artists: Keith and Kristyn Getty, Travis Cottrell, Gateway Worship, Meredith Andrews, Zealand Worship, Cliff Duren

WorshipLife is a one-of-a-kind worship gathering designed to inspire and equip worship leaders, their teams, and other church leaders through times of worship and fellowship, evening concerts, choral reading sessions with multiple publishers, breakout sessions with experts and leaders in many facets of worship, and much more.


June 28-30, 2016, Wheaton College – Chicago Area

Speakers: Luis Palau, Rice Broocks, Lee Strobel, Ed Stetzer, Derwin Gray, James Choung, Beth Seversen, Alan Hirsch

Many in church leadership positions want to help those in their care to increase their gospel witness and prioritize evangelism. Unfortunately, as our world changes so quickly, strategies for making this happen often cannot keep pace.

The Amplify Conference will bring together church leaders from across the nation to lead the conversation in evangelism and then implement a renewal of evangelism in our local churches.

The conference will feature a number of key evangelism voices as well as the release of data from the largest ever research project on the unchurched and how churches are reaching them.

Amplify is for anyone in a church leadership position or in a position outside the local church setting where you are seeking to weave an evangelism ethos into your own life or the lives of others.

The conference is intended to equip and inspire you personally and as you lead others in developing a lifestyle of gospel witness.

The Main Event

July 22-23, Nashville, Tennessee; August 26-27, Kansas City, Missouri

Speakers: Tim Tebow, Nick Vujicic, TC Stallings, Johnny Hunt, Travis Rosen, Jimmy Sites, Jonathan Evans, the Benham Brothers, Brad Stine, Stephen Miller (Check website for a list of speakers at each location)

God created men on purpose with a purpose! Will you accept your God-given challenge to be involved in His mission?

Join with men from across the nation for two days of worship, humor, and challenging messages as athletes, business professionals, authors, and pastors encourage attendees with their own stories of how they have been transformed through an intentional pursuit of being on mission.

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