6 Books On Our Radar for Spring 2016

On Our Radar

Here are six books and resources we have on our radar as titles that can help you and your ministry.

God Dreams Will Mancini Warren BirdGod Dreams: 12 Vision Templates for Finding and Focusing Your Church’s Future

Will Mancini and Warren Bird (B&H)

Is your team excited about the next big dream for your church? Like most churches, your church probably has a vision statement. Unfortunately, many churches are stuck in a trap of generic communication without a truly visionary plan. A visionary church needs something more than biblical generalizations like “loving God, loving people” or “making disciples and serving the world.”

In God Dreams, Will Mancini and Warren Bird show church leaders how to reclaim the role of long-range vision by providing 12 vision templates, each with biblical, historical, and contemporary illustrations. These vision starters will accelerate your team’s ability to find complete agreement regarding your church’s future. You’ll learn how to inspire people and focus your congregation, from staff and lay leaders to members and new attenders.

prayer Tim KellerPrayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God

Timothy Keller (Penguin Books)

Humans have an instinct for prayer. Almost every civilization throughout history has felt the need to communicate with a greater power. Even those who consider themselves non-religious pray at times. A study from Pew Research found 17 percent of non-believers pray regularly. For a phenomenon that is so universal, prayer is a ritual often misunderstood.

In his latest book Prayer, Keller offers inspirational guidance to help make prayer more personal and powerful. He acknowledges prayer is not always easy and addresses the challenges of communicating with God. Keller states, “Prayer is simply the key to everything we need to do and be in life. We must learn to pray. We have to.”

renovate Leonce CrumpRenovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are

Léonce B. Crump Jr. (Multnomah)

In 2008, Léonce Crump relocated from Tennessee to Atlanta’s urban core to plant Renovation Church. In Renovate, he details the obstacles he and his family faced ministering in one of Atlanta’s most turbulent neighborhoods. Crump challenges readers to see their community as a place they’ve been sent with a calling to bring God’s agenda of redemption.

His main objective is to answer the question: How do you transform a community? “I hope those answers stretch your eyes and mind and heart to the breaking point and beyond, for only to the extent that we ourselves are broken can the love of God sweep in and fill us with a desperate love for the people who surround us and the towns and cities in which we live.”

Whether you’re a pastor looking to plant a church, a missionary preparing to serve overseas, a family moving to a new community, or a Christian simply looking to engage more deeply in your neighborhood, Crump reveals how our agendas can often sabotage achieving change in our world. “The Church should be God’s redemptive agent in the world and nothing less,” writes Crump.

gospel project BibleThe Gospel Project Bible

(Holman Bible Publishers)

The Gospel Project Bible is a new Bible that leads people to understand basic Bible doctrines, to see how all Scriptures point to Jesus, and to join Him in His mission of seeking and saving the lost.

Features include more than 200 devotions, summaries of essential doctrines of the Christian faith, thoughts and reflections from church leaders, book introductions, and a topical concordance. Contributors include Matt Chandler, J.D. Greear, Mary Jo Sharp, Tony Merida, George Guthrie, and D.A. Carson.

rediscovering discipleship Robby GallatyRediscovering Discipleship

Robby Gallaty (Zondervan)

Before He ascended into heaven, Jesus gave his followers a clear mission: make disciples. Yet today, many followers struggle to do this or they aren’t sure where to begin. With simple principles, pastor Robby Gallaty provides readers with the understanding they need to overcome their inexperience and uncertainty.

Starting with a brief historical overview of previous discipleship ministries, Rediscovering Discipleship offers a step-by-step process for readers to get started on the path to effective disciple-making.

“We are here because the first disciples took Jesus at his word. They made Jesus’ last words their first work,” writes Gallaty. “What would happen if we did the same? I believe we would discover what it means to be a New Testament church.”

disaster ministry handbookDisaster Ministry Handbook

Jamie D. Aten and David M. Boan (IVP)

When tornadoes and floods devastate an area, or when shootings and violence shock a community, people turn to local churches for assistance. Knowing what to do can be the difference between calm and chaos. But few churches plan in advance for what they should do in an emergency or disaster.

The Disaster Ministry Handbook is a practical guide for disaster preparedness. Filled with resources for emergency planning and crisis management, this book will help your church prepare for the unthinkable, provide relief and care to those who need it, and help your community recover.

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