LifeWay Trustees Approve Glorieta Sale to Christian Camp Ministry

By Marty King

glorieta-sign NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Trustees of LifeWay Christian Resources have approved the sale of Glorieta Conference Center to a group dedicated to continue using the property as a Christian camp and conference center. The new non-profit corporation, called Glorieta 2.0, was formed and funded by a group of Christian businessmen and camping professionals.

“We are so thankful the Lord has brought together these dedicated believers who are already involved in a similar Christian camp near Rocksprings, Texas, called Camp Eagle,” said Thom S. Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay. “We have come to know their deep desire to build on the rich history of Glorieta, and provide a path forward that will allow this marvelous facility to reach men and women, boys and girls for Christ.”

Rainer said the individuals involved in Glorieta 2.0 are strong evangelicals with a high view of Scripture and commitment to evangelism and disciple making. LifeWay will continue to hold youth conferences like Centrifuge and Student Life at the facility east of Santa Fe, N.M., while Glorieta 2.0 will add day camps, family camps, high adventure wilderness programs, and church and individual camping options.

Most of the programming will be based on Camp Eagle’s outdoor adventure model. Camp Eagle was established in 1999 by a Texas-based non-profit board of directors whose mission statement is to “Inspire Christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships and Biblical Truth.” The organization’s belief statement affirms biblical inerrancy, the deity of Jesus Christ and His redemptive mission, the deity and work of the Holy Spirit and Christ’s saving work for sinful man.

Nearly two years ago, LifeWay’s board of trustees authorized the organization’s administration to pursue viable options for the disposition of the Glorieta campus due to changes in church practices, rising costs and a volatile economy. Southern Baptist Convention entities and Baptist state conventions were offered the opportunity to take over the ministry, however, significant financial challenges to operate the 2,400-acre facility prevented an agreement until now.

Jerry Rhyne, LifeWay vice president and chief financial officer, said the agreement with Glorieta 2.0 which is purchasing the campus for one dollar, does not include 140 acres across Interstate 25, nor three acres and buildings formerly used by Glorieta Baptist Church which has disbanded.

Rhyne said one of the most important requirements for any sale of Glorieta was that new owners provide options that are fair, reasonable and prudent for individuals and churches that lease land at Glorieta for residential homes and small group facilities.

A motion to transfer the property to Glorieta 2.0 was sent to trustees from LifeWay’s trustee executive committee by email June 10, and trustees returned their votes by electronic mail.

 Marty King is director of LifeWay communications.


  1. Ruth A Cook says:

    I hate to see Glorieta go, and strongly want to see the homeowners who lease land there protected.
    But this might be good timing with churches trying to create an alternate to the Boy Scouts, since camping would be a big part of the new program in churches. Perhaps not all Baptists will separate from the Scouts, but I expect many will. May God’s plan be accomplished….

  2. Mallary says:

    I just hope they allow people to come for a week at a time to vacation. I grew up going to Glorieta every summer for the session weeks and enjoyed day camp. I want my daughter to expierence it too. Does anyone know if they are going to allow families to come and vacation?

    • We’re glad you have good memories of Glorieta. We don’t have information about Glorieta 2.0’s programs at this time.

  3. Jared Stanley says:

    As a former summer staffer, I am saddened by this move. Summer staff is a good tradition and I really miss the place. Lifeway should have kept it.

    • Nancy Rister says:


      There are over 530+ former Glorieta Staffers on Facebook. You are welcome to join us and invite others you know are former staffers. You might even find some old friends.

      Personally I am excited that Glorieta will continue to be used to further His Kingdom. I am even more excited that fellow Texans now own it! As a former staffer from the 1970’s Glorieta is a very dear place to me and thousands of others. I hope we can continue to enjoy visiting it and supporting it monetarily and with our prayers and time.

      Nancy Rister

  4. Rob Signs says:

    I grew up going to Glorieta every Summer for our family vacation. I’m sad to see it sold as well, but as a youth pastor, I took my youth group to Camp Eagle the first two years after they opened. The people running Camp Eagle did a great job. If Glorieta had to be sold (I understand why they sold it), then I’m pleased with the group that bought it from my experience with their camp.

  5. I’ve attended Camp Eagle for 4 summers down in Texas. So glad the excitement of Camp Eagle is being expanded to NM! Their program is truly one of a kind and God glorifying! Can’t wait to visit Glorieta 2.0 and see all God has in store!!

  6. Cheryl Cooper says:

    I know I speak for many who hold Glorieta dear to their hearts and agree that Glorieta had and will always have a profound meaning in our lives. One of the greatest joys we have had is visiting our beloved Glorieta – alone, or with friends & family, throughout the year. I cannot make the reunion this summer due to expecting my first granddaughter, so the thought of not being able to come & stay there again is agonizing. Glorieta has generously extended former staffers a reduced rate to stay there – Hall of States, for instance. I can only hope & pray that Glorieta 2.0 will allow the same. Lifeway would be wise to negotiate this – especially for those of us who don’t have a church lodge there. Otherwise, I can’t imagine my life without Glorieta in it. I also can’t imagine not bring able to take my children there again or introduce my grand kids to MY Glorieta. Just to arrive there is exhilarating & rejuvenating. Glorieta holds a special magic & is blessed by God.

  7. Bill Lawson says:

    Definitely an answer to prayer!

  8. I have had real life changes at Glorieta. For less than 2 years I have become aware of Camp Eagle through a grandson’s working there. I am not aware of an as good a group to sell it to. Praise the Lord for good things that are coming out or the SBC’s necessary transitions!

  9. Kevin Dutcher says:

    Praise God for the ability of the Camp Eagle Staff and Board of Directors to have the resources to expand into New Mexico and encompass the Ministry of Glorieta Conference Center. Having been a past full time member of the Camp Eagle Ministry Team, Glorieta is in good hands. I’m sure the history and traditions of Glorieta will be the focal point for the building of Glorieta 2.0!!

  10. Glen Strock says:

    My children , wife Alida and I have had the privilege of living here at
    Gloriea with a hand full of others. We have been in the grip of a terrible
    drought, but, on the day we got word of the sale, it began to rain and it
    continues. The fervent prayers of so many of God’s people have begged
    God to move. No doubt, as we continue to grope for Him, He will make
    Himself known, along with the good works He has already prepared for
    us to walk in. Leaning in with ongoing prayers for wisdom will illuminate
    God’s vision for the proper stewardship of this extraordinary incubator for
    Christian culture and heritage. Many have given so much in obedience to
    His call in this place and now we may will find the best years just up
    ahead. Praise God!

  11. Haley Schulz says:

    I’m so excited for Glorieta! I’m glad that a new camp is taking over and it will continue to be run as a Christian camp! What a blessing!

  12. Jonathan Graves says:

    We are down here in Texas near Camp Eagle. Our daughter is going with our youth group to CE this week. We also have a long-standing tradition at and love for “Glorious Glorieta”. My wife was on the music staff at one time, and our families have been to many “Weeks” at Glorieta. Camp Eagle will no doubt bring their resources and vision to bear on this new target, all for God’s glory. Let’s all pray for God’s help and blessing on the transition and resurrection! Go forward in Christ’s name, Camp Eagle!

  13. Bill Peters says:

    I am a retired Minister of Education who was looking forward to being a Glorieta volunteer in the Summer and Fall months. Imagine my disapointment last year when I learned that Glorieta would no longer offer the conferences and special weeks I have known for decades. Will Southern Baptist’s ever offer conferences and meetings again at Glorieta? The churches in the West and on the Plains need and deserve the Glorieta experience.

  14. John Lowry-King says:

    My family lived and worked on the grounds at Glorieta for over 20 years. When I first heard about the closing, it felt as though a hole had been our lives, but now we are filled with hope again. Our prayer is that Glorieta will continue to grow and expand and that God will continue His mission there in that sacred place.

    Thank You, Glorieta 2.0!

  15. E. A. MCGEE says:

    As a Staffer in the late 50’s, please know that I will always have fond memories of the time spent at Glorieta!

  16. roger stafford says:

    As a youth pastor and a guy who just loves Glorieta and Camp Eagle, I am excited to see that the facility will be used for many years to come. Camp Eagle is an incredible place here in Texas and if they can duplicate what they are doing here in New Mexico, we will be on board for years to come. These are great folks with a heart for Jesus!

  17. Alan Turner says:

    I on the staff of Glorietta the summer of 1973. I am sorry to see it go. One thing I am wondering is why sale it for $1. 2400 acres of land with the facilities that Glorietta has should be worth millions.

    • Because Camp Eagle will continue that great ministry perhaps even better. SBC is for the Kingdom of God (I hope!) and not for profit.

      • Alan Turner says:

        But like the talents God gave out he expects us to use them wisely. We could have used those funds to send missionaries.

        • Rheutillius says:

          And twice as many missionaries may be sent through Glorietta 2. Money is never a problem when I am surrendered to Him. God’s wisdom is far beyond the wisdom of man and He is in charge. I choose to not criticize or nit pick decisions I was not involved in making.

  18. Jay Smity says:

    Explain this Jerry:

    Rhyne said one of the most important requirements for any sale of Glorieta was that new owners provide options that are fair, reasonable and prudent for individuals and churches that lease land at Glorieta for residential homes and small group facilities

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