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Are You in a Phonebook Ministry?

Phonebooks were once an essential part of life, but are now a forgotten part of the past. Can the same be said of the way we do ministry? Are you doing phonebook ministry?

church protection marriage

Protecting Your Church in the New Marriage Culture

Churches should take precautionary steps to protect themselves from legal challenges to their theology, governance, and activities.


Scholars: Gospel of Jesus’ Wife Divorced From Truth

The revelations and discoveries by additional scholars indicate that despite all of the hype and media attention given to the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife fragment, it is another in a long line of archaeological forgeries and frauds.

social media fruit of the spirit

Social Media and the Fruit of the Spirit

Discipleship involves submitting every area of our life to the Holy Spirit, including what we post on Facebook and Twitter.


fun summer church ideas

13 Fun Ideas for Your Church This Summer

The summer months offer churches increased flexibility and different opportunities to reach their community. Diana Davis offers 13 ideas your church can use to take advantage of the break from school and warmer weather.

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On Our Radar

On Our Radar

On Our Radar: 2015 Summer Conferences

Here are four conferences for you to put on your calendar this summer.

On Our Radar

On Our Radar: Books, Spring 2015

Here are five books we think are worth your time.


Reading for Spiritual Growth

One of the reasons I want to write books is because God has used books so much in my own life and growth.

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