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F&T Favorites: May 15, 2015

Here’s the favorites of our staff this week: an online conference, religion research, a new book, audio books, and an interesting biography. What’s your favorite?


How Can I Help You? The Right Attitude for Church Greeters

Those serving as greeters at church should always remember that making a lasting first impression always begins with meeting the needs of people.


Let Form Follow Faith

Before your church decides on a design for a new building or facility change, here are some questions and thoughts to keep in mind.

landscape religion America Pew

America’s Changing Landscape: 9 Takeaways for Evangelicals

For evangelicals, the latest survey of the American religious landscape reveals bright spots that few other faiths can claim in an increasingly secular culture.

On Our Radar

On Our Radar

On Our Radar: 2015 Summer Conferences

Here are four conferences for you to put on your calendar this summer.

On Our Radar

On Our Radar: Books, Spring 2015

Here are five books we think are worth your time.


Reading for Spiritual Growth

One of the reasons I want to write books is because God has used books so much in my own life and growth.

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