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The IRS & the Pulpit: What Your Church Needs to Know

Internal Revenue Service rules about churches and politics are short, sweet, and controversial.


Hope for the Afflicted: The Church and Mental Illness

Twenty-six percent of American adults experience a diagnosable mental disorder each year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. But many church leaders and churchgoers don’t understand mental illness and don’t know how to support sufferers.

Jesus vote

“How Would Jesus Vote?” New Poll Asks Americans

A new survey from YouGov found, in general, voters believe Jesus would be more conservative in his positions than they are with theirs.


Using Church Design to Create Modern-Day Jacob’s Wells

The people at Visioneering Studios believe modern-day wells can be dug to facilitate the horizontal connection between people, as well as the vertical connection with the Creator and His creation simultaneously.



8 Tips for a Great First Impression

By Sean Fowlds Having served in the local church the past two decades, one of the first things my wife and I did after our recent move was eagerly hunt for a new church home. To our surprise and disappointment, we’ve experienced a rather lukewarm reception at the churches we’ve visited. But our experience as […]

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Ministry Grid: Training for the Digital Age

Ministry Grid offers more than 1,800 videos of pastors, theologians and church leaders offering insights on a range of topics from pastoral ministry and leadership development to discipleship and Bible study.

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Ministry Grid Offers 30-Day Free Trial

Ministry Grid is offering pastors and church leaders access to the site with thousands of instructional videos and tools free for 30 days.

On Our Radar

On Our Radar: Books & Bible Studies for Summer 2014

Each issue of Facts & Trends, we profile some upcoming resources we think will be helpful to you. Here are the books and Bible studies from the Summer 2014 issue.


When Love Didn’t Give Up

Ian and Larissa Murphy met in college and fell in love. Their plans to get married and start a life together took a detour when Ian suffered a debilitating brain injury in a car accident. In an instant, their lives changed forever. In Eight Twenty Eight, Larissa recounts the long days, weeks, and years she spent hoping and praying for God to heal Ian.

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