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Regaining Your Spiritual Momentum

Many things can contribute to a stalled spiritual life, but here are five barriers to spiritual growth common among church leaders.

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Christian Media Barely Reaching Beyond the Faithful

Christian broadcasters have a devoted following, with about two-thirds of weekly churchgoers and evangelicals saying they tune in to Christian radio and television on a regular basis. But many Americans say they ignore faith-based media.


Hollywood Producer Uses Oscar Season to Teach Theology

Ralph Winter, producer of Hollywood blockbusters from franchises like X-Men and Star Trek, teaches a class in his church about Oscar-nominated films and their intersection with Christianity.

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A Great Commandment Check-Up

Mark Dance challenges pastors to take a short self-examination of your life as you consider the implications of loving God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength.



8 Ways to Keep College Students in Your Church

According to a 2007 study by LifeWay Research, 70 percent of young adults stopped attending church for at least a year between ages 18 to 22. Here are some ways to keep them involved.

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Who’s on Social Media? Here’s What Your Church Needs to Know

New research can give churches a clearer picture of exactly who is using what social media network and how they can target their message to better reach certain demographics.

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On Our Radar

brooklyn tabernacle choir

On Our Radar: Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s “Pray”

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir will offer a free, live stream of the world premiere concert of its new CD, Pray, on Sunday, Feb. 8 beginning at 3 p.m. Eastern. The new CD releases Feb. 10.


11 Ways to Share the Gospel Without Killing Your Relationships

Those who follow Jesus have a God-given command and Spirit-empowered desire to share the gospel, but often we don’t know where to begin. It doesn’t have to be that way.


A Q&A with Barnabas Piper on Being “The Pastor’s Kid”

Being the children of a pastor creates a set of (false) expectations for PKs that can add up to create a sense of pressure that can be overwhelming. Barnabas Piper addresses this in his new book.

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