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Desperate Choices

Two-thirds of women who have had an abortion believe church members are more likely to gossip about a woman considering abortion than help her understand the options.

Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood None

As the number of the religiously unaffiliated grows, now 23 percent of the population, churches should understand who the nones are and what they believe.

NAE, LifeWay Research Publish Evangelical Beliefs Research Definition

“Evangelicals have been misunderstood and categorized incorrectly so often, and much of that is due to inconsistent identification in research,” said Leith Anderson, NAE president.

Which Denomination has the Most Involved Church Members?

Evangelical Protestants and historically black Protestants have more than double the number of highly involved adherents than mainline Protestantism, Orthodox Christianity, or the Catholic Church.


11 Places to Use Greeters at Your Church

Many people recognize the importance of having trained greeters at the doors when guests arrive. I agree, but I also think there are several other places to use greeters.

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6 Simple Steps for Dealing With Digital Distractions

“Distraction is the enemy of deep thinking, and it is an enemy we must seek out and destroy,” says Tim Challies. Here are six steps to doing just that.

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On Our Radar

Book Review: Experiencing the Trinity

Of Joe Thorn’s latest book, Joey Cochran says, “Every person needs the truths from Experiencing the Trinity. We’re all weak, vulnerable to sin, and prone to revert to old ways.”

5 Books On Our Radar for October 2015

Here are five books we have on our radar as titles that can help you and your ministry, including Matt Papa’s “Look and Live” and Jefferson Bethke’s “It’s Not What You Think.”

Book Review: Developing A Biblical Worldview

When worldview is the topic, there needs to be a paradigm, which we use to discuss basic, foundational ideas, which answer questions about our world. Smith breaks his paradigm down to four questions: Who are we? Where are we? What is wrong? What is the answer?

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