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Changing Genders Isn’t Immoral, Americans Say

Six in 10 Americans don’t think it’s wrong for people to identify with a gender different from their birth sex, according to LifeWay Research.

Americans Love to Move, but Most Settle Close to Mom

About 1 in 8 Americans moves each year, but half still live within 18 miles of their mother’s home.

7 Ways to Help Children Deal With Tragedies

Use these teachable moments to demonstrate the faith we teach is real.

4 Specific Ways to Pray for Turkey

An American living in Turkey answers the question: What are some ways Christians can pray for Turkey in the wake of the most recent terrorist attack?


Cellphones at Church: Benefits and Cautions

According to a Pew Research survey, 96 percent of American adults say it’s “generally not OK” to use a cellphone at church or during a worship service. But can there be legitimate uses during a church service?

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On Our Radar

Why Nones Want an Investigative Faith, Not an Inherited One: Q&A With Dave Ferguson

Facts & Trends spoke with Dave Ferguson about his book, “Finding Your Way Back to God” and reaching those who want to be spiritual without God.

4 Conferences On Our Radar This Summer

Four conferences we think will benefit you and your church.

6 Books On Our Radar for Spring 2016

Six books that we took notice of and think you should as well, including works from Tim Keller, Leonce Crump, Robby Gallaty, and more.

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