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The Joy of Church Revitalization

Pastor Ron Edmondson says church revitalization is harder work than he experienced in church planting, but there are rewards for trusting God in this type of work.


Church Revitalization: New Life for Dying Churches

These churches reversed their decline and experienced revitalization. Your church can as well.


How to Make Hires that Stick

Hiring the wrong person is costly, both in terms of money but also time, energy, and momentum. So how can we hire people who stick? Here are five ways to ensure your hires are as effective and long-term as possible.


Why We Gather: Three Points for Small Group Success

We gather for spiritual growth—vertical in our relationship with God and horizontal in our friendships with brothers and sisters in Christ. Small group success will be attained when this simple goal is met.

On Our Radar

On Our Radar

On Our Radar: 2015 Summer Conferences

Here are four conferences for you to put on your calendar this summer.

On Our Radar

On Our Radar: Books, Spring 2015

Here are five books we think are worth your time.


Reading for Spiritual Growth

One of the reasons I want to write books is because God has used books so much in my own life and growth.

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