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religious landscape

4 Things Christians Need to Know in the New Religious World

Knowing how to ask and answer questions, along with knowing what we believe, why we believe it, and what others believe will better enable Christians to operate in American’s changing religious landscape.

Nepal earthquake help aid

How Can You Help Nepal?

Facts & Trends spoke with several Christian humanitarian groups about the situation on the ground in Nepal, what they were doing, and how people could best partner with their work.

Growth Evangelicalism Decline Mainline Protestantism plant

The Growth of Evangelicals and Decline of Mainline Protestants

A surface level skim of the Pew study offers a grim reflection of Christianity in America. But the underlying data gave a more complicated (and perhaps encouraging) picture.

F&T favorites

F&T Favorites: May 15, 2015

Here’s the favorites of our staff this week: an online conference, religion research, a new book, audio books, and an interesting biography. What’s your favorite?


fun summer church ideas

13 Fun Ideas for Your Church This Summer

The summer months offer churches increased flexibility and different opportunities to reach their community. Diana Davis offers 13 ideas your church can use to take advantage of the break from school and warmer weather.

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social media parents kids teenagers

6 Ways to Help Your Kids Survive Social Media

The teenage years have always been tumultuous and adding social media into the volatile mix certainly doesn’t make things easier, but both you and your children can not just survive this time, but thrive in it.

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On Our Radar

On Our Radar

On Our Radar: 2015 Summer Conferences

Here are four conferences for you to put on your calendar this summer.

On Our Radar

On Our Radar: Books, Spring 2015

Here are five books we think are worth your time.


Reading for Spiritual Growth

One of the reasons I want to write books is because God has used books so much in my own life and growth.

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